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11 easy ways to improve your home

sugru allows you to make small home improvements quickly and efficiently. You don't even need to use tools, just whip out a pack of sugru and get started.

Here's a selection of great examples that have been sent in from sugru community members around the world.

Add bumpers to your door

Door with sugru

An enthusiastically opened door will often bounce off the wall or furniture that stands behind it.

A bit of sugru cushions these impact spots so that you can avoid dents and paintwork damage!

Make plugs grippier

Plug grips made with sugru

A plug that's stiff is a pain to remove form the socket, especially if you have limited mobility.

Add a bit of sugru and a vintage door knob to make a decorative and ergonomical grip.

Keep water from spilling onto your floor

Sink with sugru

Even the most smartly finished sinks and baths can dribble excess water onto the floor.

Avoid slippy puddles and floor damp by guiding incidental overflow in the right direction with sugru.

Prevent bathtime bruises with softened taps

Tap grips with sugru

These taps were bought pre-kids, but turned out to be quite dangerous for little heads.

As sugru is waterproof and sticks to metal, it was a great custom solution for this problem. Plus the taps are colour-coded now as well!

Heatproof your pan handles

Heatproof handleds for pan made with sugru

Ever burnt your fingers on a hot pan handle?

Skip the scrabble for tea towels or oven mitts by adding some sugru for heat-resistant handles.

Repair a dimmer switch

Dimmer switch made with sugru

It's annoying when a switch comes off. Not big enough to warrant the hassle of swapping out the whole switch panel, an easy fix is needed.

Thanks to sugru's malleability you can stick the switch (or stove dial) right back on.

Add more space in narrow corners

Additional sink-top space made with sugru

An ingenious storage solution — and this works not just for your sink!

sugru added to a corner creates new space where you need it.

Organise your pot lids

Pot lid holders made with sugru

Add sugru hooks inside your cabinet doors and create a practical storage solution for your pot lids.

You can even colour code them to make things even easier.

Add more grip to a shower tap

Shower tap grip made with sugru

Sometimes design goes over function - things look pretty, but are non-intuitive to use.

Improve slippy-when-wet tap handles by adding sugru grips.

Make a hook without drilling

Hook made with sugru

No need to drill into tiles. Simply form a hook out of sugru to hang up your towels!

It's extra-handy, especially if you rent your place, that you can remove it without leaving a mark.

Never lose your keys again

Key holder made with sugru

A LEGO key ring and a little brick on the light switch next to the front door makes sure sugru-er Emily always knows where her keys are.

Super practical!

Get some sugru and get started

sugru pack

For more great ideas how to improve your home and hack your life, join Emily and 100,000's of other sugru users.

For your own home improvement ideas to become reality, get some sugru and get started now!

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