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7 sugru projects for photographers

sugru is great for photographers — it helps you to make your equipment truly your own. Here's a collection of projects from the sugru community that show the many options to customise, improve and fix your kit with our magic rubber stuff.

Add more grip to your camera handle

More grips for camera made with sugru

Especially when you're trying to take photos using one hand, or need to keep a steady hand without a tripod, additional grip comes very handy.

This is one of the most popular sugru applications, so we made a step-by-step guide that shows you how to do this yourself.

Make your camera lens cap easier to store

Camera lens cap made easier to store with sugru

When out and about taking photos, the lens cap can be quite annoying to hold, store away and take back out over and over again.

But with just a bit of sugru and two pieces of lego you can create a handy cap holder! Our guide explains it all.

Add a focus marker to a Canon lens

Focus marker made with sugru

This budget Canon lens (the 50mm f1.8) comes without focus marks, so sugru-er solarmechanic added a focus marker with a little bit of leftover sugru:

"I decided to add one with a small piece of sugru, shaped into a nice little pointer. It's placed on the left hand side of the lens when attached to the camera so I can feel the sugru with my hand even when I'm using the viewfinder."

Cushion a GoPro camera on a bike fork mount

Bike mount for a gopro made with sugru

Capture your downhill adventures with a GoPro! These nifty little cameras are ideal for documenting the most daring rides, but on uneven terrain the images can get bit blurred.

Here's how a bit of sugru can help cushion the vibrations — ingenious problem solving can be found in this guide sent to us by sugru-er simpleusuario!

Add grippy pads to tripod feet

Grippy pads for a tripod made with sugru

Speaking of tripods, sometimes you buy something new and find out it's not quite up for the task.

sugru helps you enhancing your equipment, like in this case by adding more grip to tripod feet. Read the full story here.

Customise a tripod for your phone

Customised phone camera tripod with sugru

Don't want to spend a fortune on a new custom-fitting tripod for your new phone model?

With a bit of sugru you can customise an old one to fit just fine — for great photos on the move!

Make a bouncy kid-proof camera

Kid proofed camera made with sugru

Not forgetting the little ones! Is your child begging to use your camera? Would you like to let them, but are worried about having to constantly supervise them in case they drop it?

Then this might be just for you: child-proof your camera for a chance to relax and see the world through your child's eyes.

Get some sugru and get started

sugru pack

Did we give you some ideas? If you're already thinking about how you can improve your photography kit with sugru, you should totally get some and start modifying your gear!

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