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Knee patches made with sugru

Mending made easy

Moms solve myriads of problems big and small around the house. Probably you can think about three things that need fixing on the top of your head.

Why not add something to your problem solving tool box that's fun and easy to use? sugru: feels like plasticine but acts like glue — invented to make your life a little bit easier.

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"... but the best part was my four-year-old daughter saying to me: 'Mum, you're just like Bob the Builder", which in our house is the highest form of compliment you could wish for!"

Lauren, London, mother of two (soon three!)

Scuffed shoes

Helps you save money

Kids are hard on their things. Shoes seem to get scuffed and battered almost immediately after you bought them. With sugru you can freshen them up and give them a longer lease of life.

Vintage radio

Keeps your vintage finds in use

Treasures you find in thrift shops and on markets sometimes just need a little bit of TLC to remain useful. With sugru you can replace missing parts on old sewing machines or vintage china.

Kitchen Counter

No need for a handyperson

Small damages, like holes in the kitchen counter, can turn into big repair jobs, if you need to get in a contractor. sugru allows you to fix these yourself in next to no time.

Buzz Lightyear

Turns you into a superhero

Breaking a favourite toy can be a catastrophe for the little ones. With sugru you can fix your kids' toys, like here reattach Buzz' broken leg, and become even more of a superhero in their eyes.